Първанов: Македония трябва да е приета с името си в ЕС

„Аз бих препоръчал на нашите братя македонци вместо да си мерят силите от избори на избори, да седнат и се разберат, може би с помощта и натиска на Европа, защото всички се изредиха в Скопие - и госпожа Меркел и представителите на европейските организации, но не за целта, за която трябваше“, категоричен бе Георги Първанов, президент в периода 2002-2012г.


„Консенсус е необходим, за да може Македония да върви напред. И второ - след като видяха, че името Северна Македония не се приема, моята прогноза е, че няма начин то да се приеме, грешно е да го вкарват в парламента да изострят ситуацията допълнително“.

Ролята на България

„Аз смятам, че тук вече България трябва да влезе в лидерската си роля и да призове партньорите ни от ЕС и НАТО да се върви към приемането на страната в тези организации с името Македония“.


„Това е необходимо да се направи независимо от Гърция, ако Македония им е стратегически ценна а не просто фронтова държава в отношенията с Русия, каквато сега искат да я произведат. Тогава би дошъл ред на нашето искане за дефиниране на общата история. Да се разберем със Скопие на политическо ниво, че тази история е обща, защото самосъзнанието на това население е било българско“.

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The periods of obsolescence of educational literature are established by order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1623 of April 11, 2001: for a general humanitarian, socio-economic profile and special disciplines - five years; for general professional, natural science, mathematical subjects - ten years. The measures of relevance do not relate to sources of in-depth fundamental study of the issue. It does not stipulate the order and terms after which research publications: articles, dissertations, reports, etc., are considered outdated, but university regulatory controllers, when checking their thesis for compliance with standards, are almost always guided by the requirements set for textbooks. For informational purposes, no one forbids using them, but in order to avoid sending the finished diploma for revision, it is better to include only works no older than five years in the list of used literature. 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His diploma student proposes on the basis of the second chapter with scientific justification, for which the theoretical provisions of the first are involved. The chapters should be approximately equal in length. At the final stage, a conclusion, an introduction, a final list of used literature are drawn up and a block with annexes is completed. How to properly draw up a thesis In student memos and on their official websites, all universities must post detailed methodological recommendations containing requirements for a diploma. They indicate: volume - how many pages in the diploma should be; structure - how many chapters to divide the study, what to write in the introduction and conclusion; what materials should be included in the attachments and how to number them; technical regulations - where to put down, from which sheet to start pagination, what font to use for text and headings, how to indent the paragraph and margins, line spacing; the number of sources in the bibliographic list; permissible percentage of uniqueness when checking for plagiarism. Most universities and institutes include in methodological collections: a template for the title page; forms of reviews, annotations, reviews; sample bibliography; examples of the design of references, footnotes, formulas, tables, figures, diagrams, photos. It remains only to carefully check with the university standard and follow the recommendations, since the normative control will be meticulously carried out precisely according to the points of the manual, and only then relying on GOSTs. Average requirements for a thesis: Volume - 50-70 pages, excluding attachments and, as a rule, bibliography. The number of sources is at least 40, and 70% are publications not older than five years. The bibliographic list is drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.80-2000, 7.1-2003, 7.0.5-2008, 7.0.1-2011. Times New Roman in black, 14th for text, 15th for subheadings, 16th for headings. The interval is 1.5. Margins - at least 2 cm to the left, bottom and top; 1.5 cm - on the right. Printing is only one-sided. The standard of uniqueness of the diploma: humanities - 80%, exact - 75%. \r\nHow to choose a company for writing a diploma Checklist: A solid site - it should be a kind of Internet branch of an officially registered company with at least one offline office; that is, the site must be a full-fledged working tool, and not a one-page business card on free hosting. The age of the company is at least 5 years. Only those who really know how to work can become a “veteran” of the market. Conclusion of an agreement - the lists of customers of the company for writing student papers are not transferred to the dean\'s offices, do not worry. You need a confirmation of the deal - to ensure that the work is done. \r\nhow to write a persuasive essay step by step write essay write an essay on bilingualism

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